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Plein Air Art Podcast

Dec 9, 2022

The PleinAir Podcast has been named the #1 Painting Podcast by FeedSpot for two years in a row. In this episode, Eric Rhoads shares Part 2 of his recent interview with CW Mundy. Listen as they discuss: - CW's biggest tip for artists who are trying to make their painting life into a career - How, when he had a "menial" job, he knew there was something better for him out there - The "seven foundational truths" of painting - The importance of having a strong work ethic ("If you want to get into a professional market, you have to work your butt off." - What to do when you feel "stuck" - Thoughts on entering art competitions and how your mindset plays into it - And more! Bonus! In this week's Art Marketing Minute, Eric Rhoads, author of Make More Money Selling Your Art, answers the questions: "How do you know when your art is good enough to sell?" and "How does entering art contests help one's career?" Have a question about how to sell your art? Ask Eric at Please note this is an audio-only video that plays the Plein Air Podcast episode described above. The full transcript and reference links are available at (simply do a search for the featured artist’s name). Related Links: – Sign up for the free Plein Air Today newsletter, featuring this weekly podcast: – CW Mundy online: – Plein Air Convention & Expo: - Watercolor Live: - PleinAir Magazine: – Eric Rhoads on Instagram: – Eric Rhoads on Facebook: