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Plein Air Art Podcast

Sep 9, 2022

The tables are turned as Jeff Olson, the Art Education Director for Royal Talens, interviews Eric Rhoads during a Creator's Studio episode. In case you missed it watch below - Jeff interviews Eric about everything from his career path in radio broadcasting to the publishing industry, overcoming creative fears, having confidence to follow your dreams, and more.

"I have a goal to teach a million people to paint because I was a stressed out business guy, and I was working every day," Eric says. "I thought I was having fun, but I really wasn't. And then when I learned to paint, my stress would melt. I could go in the studio and well, now I'm getting outdoors. It changed my heart. It changed everything about me. It changed my physiology. I just love it. So I want that for other people."

Bonus! In this week's Art Marketing Minute, Eric Rhoads, author of Make More Money Selling Your Art, shares thoughts on opening a pop-up gallery; and turning single buyers into repeat collectors. Have a question about how to sell your art? Ask Eric at